First Things First

Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever” – Westminster Shorter Catechism

What is your “Why” and why are we here, particularly in relation to your vocation and work-life?

Have you ever asked yourself, how does my faith inform and affect what I create or how I work or how do I embody the gospel in my work?  Are you an entrepreneurially minded leader who is seeking to more deeply embody the gospel within your sphere of leadership?  Have you ever wrestled with questions around your vocational discernment and direction?  Maybe you’ve asked yourself those questions.  I know I have.  These are critical questions and ones that I deeply need answered.  To start, I unabashedly declare that my “Why” for my business(es) and for my life, in general, is to declare the glory of the Creator of the Universe and to lift up the name of His son, Jesus Christ.  That is the foundation and starting point for all that I do as a husband, father, child, friend, and in light of this discussion and post, as an entrepreneur.  So, in an effort to get these answers, I start here…

This blog is the story of my journey to seek after God’s Kingdom and His righteousness and to see Him add these things unto me.  Thank you for joining me.


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