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Tech My WiFi (TMW) Networking Innovations

Fully Integrated 4G LTE Failover

The Tech My WiFi (TMW) Networking Appliance features a fully integrated 4G LTE radio, meaning that when the main Internet connection goes down, the appliance detects it and automatically switches over to a 4G LTE network. This automatic failover means you can continue to work, even when the primary internet connection is down.

While the appliance operates in failover mode, it continually pings both the primary and secondary (if configured) WAN interface to determine if and when the internet connection has been restored and is stable. When it is, the appliance seamlessly fails back to its primary internet connection.

No contracts, no overages. Simple and customer friendly networking.

Monthly Service Pricing

With TMW Networking, there are no contracts to sign. All TMW Networking products are billed month to month, and only if the devices are active. The fully integrated 4G LTE Internet failover does not require a contract with the carrier and doesn’t charge you, our customer, with overages. It’s almost as if it’s unlimited data. Almost. It’s just simple, monthly pricing.


Lifetime Warranty on Networking APs, Switches, and Managed Power Devices!

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